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Mexico Outreach

Our next Mexico Outreach trip will take place in Spring 2018. (dates will be posted soon) 


We invite you to come along with us in Spring 2018 as we show God's love in action in Mexico. Our vision is to bring the good news to our neighbors by sharing the gospel in words, love and action. We are planting the seed and the Lord is doing the watering. Join us this September as we put this vision into action. 


PLEASE NOTE: You must be at least 14 years of age or in High School to come to the Mission Trip.  If you are 14-16 years old you must be accompanied by a family member over 18 years of age.  If you are under 18 years of age you must turn in a NOTARIZED minor


FOOD TEAM ( FRIDAY-SATURDAY)-  If you are interested in helping out with food preparation, we need your help. This team's main focus will be all the food preparations that need to take place throughout the two days that we are in Mexico. You will be working on food preparations for each of the projects as well as food preparations for us volunteers. *if you join this project, you need to commit to both Friday & Saturday

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (FRIDAY - SATURDAY) - We will be working on construction projects in la Mision. If you are a skilled construction worker we ask that you prayerfully consider joining us on this project. 

PAINTING PROJECT (FRIDAY & SATURDAY) - This project will take place at Buena Vida Orphanage. We will be painting the interior walls of the orphanage. We ask that people who have experience with indoor painting sign up for this project.

BREAKFAST CLUB / WATER PROJECT (FRIDAY) - Serve Breakfast to a community that is built on the dumps of Tijuana. Wake up time is 4am. Afterwards  you will visit people in the dumps of Tijuana.  We will be tending  to their spiritual needs through prayer and their physical needs by giving them  drinking water.

VILLAGE PROJECT (FRIDAY)- Visit people in the nearby towns. Tend to their spiritual needs through prayer and their physical needs by giving them a food care pack. We will partner up with Vida Nueva Church. 

ORPHANAGE PROJECT (FRIDAY)-  Visit The nursery at Doors of Faith Orphanage. We will be spending quality time with the kids as well as helping out with any service projects needed at the orphanage.  We will also visit a neighboring orphanage to do activities with the children. (This orphanage does not  get many visitors)

EVANGELISM PROJECT (SATURDAY) - We will be hosting a evangelistic event for the community in Ensenada. We will be splitting up into teams ( Hair cut, Medical, Manicures, Kids Activities ) We are partnering up with Vida Nueva Church and the sole goal of this project is to share the good news. (If you are a Spanish speaker, we need you!) This project will be taking place at a new location, a church plant of Vida Nueva, La Mission

CARNIVAL PROJECT  (SATURDAY)- Visit City of Refuge Orphanage. Host a children’s carnival,  make lunch for them and spend quality time with the kids.