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Missions have always been an integral part of New Hope’s vision, desiring to spread God’s word outside of the blessed country we reside. In June 2015 the Lord orchestrated a meeting between the leaders of New Hope and the full time missionary our church was sponsoring in Mexico. God led us to a small municipal called Jaral del Progresso located in the state of Guanajuato. The Holy Spirit started a revival, changing lives through the Word of God and freeing men and women from the bondage of addictions to a life where they are free in Christ!


In that same first meeting a church was born, Nueva Esperanza, bringing a New Hope to the people of Jaral. Together with our sister church in La Mision, Iglesia Vida Nueva led by Pastor Efren Garcia, we have been working with the new converts. Today it has grown to a church centered in Jaral and meeting in 4 community groups throughout the week in the local villages surrounding Jaral. God raised up a local family to lead the church; Victor and Martha, a dedicated couple who serve full time in the ministry. Their own conversion is nothing short of miraculous in the way that God reached them before they were about to get a divorce.


Our many trips to Jaral every year are filled with weddings, water baptisms, baby dedications, counseling sessions, youth events and so much more. The church there is growing and maturing. We invite you to please pray for this church plant that God will use this as a home base for evangelizing the state of Guanajuato and then Mexico; just like Ephesus was used by Paul as the launch pad for spreading the Word throughout all of Asia Minor. We experienced God’s greatness firsthand and pray this story is an encouragement to churches everywhere and of all sizes that God is still at work and the task of evangelizing the world with the gospel is the duty of every Christian.